announces: Magic Loot Bags!

Our children's loot bags are a balance of 'goods' and candy. All the items are quality tested by children ages 5 - 12. If they don't approve - we don't use it!! The are wonderful for either boys or girls. They come expertly packaged and look great! We have 3 pieces of candy, 3 magic tricks, and 5 toys - 11 items total! And all in a cloth re-usable bag to help the environment.

They would retail at over $13, but since we can buy whole sale you get them for only $7 each! Tax included - and you only pay for the number you need the day of. No more extra items left over, and no more running around and making them yourself. Expertly chosen items, beautifully presented, and perfectly priced! You can't go wrong here!

Video coming soon!