Magician earns latest title

Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Times
Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 -  Page: A19

Maple Ridge magician Mike Norden (pictured) has been awarded the title of 2009 Children's Entertainer of the Year by the PCAM.Mike Norden the Magician

The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians is an organization for professional, semi-professional and amateur magicians that incorporates chapters around  the entire Pacific Rim, including Japan, Hawaii, California, and western Canada representing more than 2,000 magicians.

Member organizations include the Vancouver Magic Circle. Founded in 1933, the PCAM host a well-known annual magic convention, which is limited to a few hundred registrants and gives out awards in an annual competition.

Norden went in with a well-rehearsed routine and scored the highest marks in the competition, earning him the 2009 title. Norden is not a newcomer to these awards as he won the same competition in 2007. He also holds the Children's title from the Vancouver Magic Circle for 2006 and 2008 - making him the only magician in Western Canada ever with four titles in a row.

When asked about his act Norden said: "I strive to make my show fun for the kids, but engaging for the adults as well. It's really an honour to win this title and I am humbled that my peers thought my act was so deserving."

Will he be using his act in his local school shows, birthday parties and other events? "Yes - my competition act is part of my standard show, so everyone can see the act at one of my local shows."

Norden then followed up his children's title 45 minutes later by competing in the comedy competition. He won gold there too, making a two-year run for the comedy title. Norden has been doing magic since 1999, and hopes to be performing for years to come.

Where can you see him next? Norden is president of the first Canadian chapter of the International Children's entertainment group Kidabra. They will be putting on a public show for Halloween to launch Magic Week on Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Abby Arts Centre. Tickets are $12 each and the show will help support Cops For Cancer. You can find out more about Norden and the Halloween show by visiting his website at or calling 916-9879.

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