Weekend magician loves being silly with kids!

The Province
Monday, February 5, 2007
Page: A26 Section: Money Column:
Minding Your Own Business

Names:  Mike Norden

Business:  Norden the Magician, Maple Ridge

Contact:  www.magicshows.ca

Number of employees:  One, but I bring in extra people to help when needed

Time in business:  Seven years

What do you do?:  Everything and anything with magic. I provide magic entertainment for all ages and events, but most of my business is with kids. I do birthday parties, festivals and school and community shows. I do magic tricks, balloon twisting, comedy -- all the staples of magic.

How did you get into the magic business?:  When I was 25, I went to Disneyland with some friends, and on the fourth day, I got a bit bored. I ended up hanging around the magic shop. I was curious about how everything worked. I pretty much bought every trick and started doing magic for my nieces and nephews. Then they wanted me to do a magic show at their school, then parents wanted me to do birthday parties, and after six months of doing it as a hobby, it took off and I was getting paid. I still have a regular full-time job, but I do magic shows every weekend all over the Lower Mainland.

How do you keep kids from getting fidgety during your show?:  The hardest part of the job is getting five-year-olds to pay attention, but I do it by making a lot of mistakes. I'm a bumbling magician, and the kids love to point out mistakes. While they're looking for what I'm going to do wrong, they are totally engaged and the time flies by. It's a lot of fun.

What's the best part of the business?:  I meet new people every weekend and travel to parties all over the Lower Mainland, and I get to entertain them. And I get to be silly and play with kids. I'd love to do it full-time one day.

Future plans?:  I want to buy a bouncy castle for summer parties.

Hardest learned lesson?:  Always carry a map book in the car.