Norden the Magician - Maple Ridge

Positively the News
January, 2007
By Paul Wood

Does it sound like a magic shows? Mike Norden loves to entertain kids with his magic shows and yes, all ages.

Mike, who grew up in North Vancouver, got into magic back in 1999. He was on vacation with friends at Disneyland in California, and he became intrigued with magic shows at venues around the area. He became so curious as to how they performed their tricks that he ended up spending more time watching. :I just wanted to know how they did it", he told me. "All they way home in our car, I practiced what I learned". And before you know it, he was practicing at home.

One day soon after, his nieces asked him if he would perform some magic at their school in Coquitlam. :Uncle Mike", they said, "please would you come to our school?" And as it was, he did, and now he hasn't looked back.

Even though he works for Telus full time, one day he hopes to work full time in the industry as a magician. Just last week he was named President of the Vancouver magic Circle for the second straight term. Last year Norden won the Children's Magician of the Year. The audience were the ones who voted and Norden edged out five other talented magicians for the top spot. He has performed in over 1000 birthday parties throughout the Lower mainland but also specializes in School functions, daycares, festivals, corporate events and fundraisers. No event is too big or too small, and the magic is for all ages. Mike belongs to the Canadian Association of Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, and to Kidabra. He is a member of the Chamber, and a  member of the Better Business Bureau and is certified in basic CPR and has completed the "Save that Child" course with St. John Ambulance.

Mike performs many different amazing tricks with cards, ropes, coins and more - not to mention his magic rabbit "Q-Tip" and Rufus the Chicken (don't worry it's a rubber chicken). Actually, last year he received a call from the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). The viewed Norden's website thinking he was using a live chicken. So when Norden called them back, they both had a chuckle when he said the bird (Rufus the Chicken) was a $5 rubber chicken which was used as part of his act. Norden had calls from CBC radio and CKNW and went on live to explain what happened.

Mike is heavily involved with local charities and fundraisers, He performed at the Children's Hospital, Literacy for kids, Softball BC and the Cancer Foundation. Last year he donated his time to raise funds for the Ruskin hall in Maple Ridge. Every year he donates $50 from every show he does in December to the Province Empty Stocking Fund. So book your Christmas party early with Mike as he is doing great stuff out there.

Mike met his fiancée in 1999, Nicole. This March 24th they will be exchanging vows. march 24th is Houdini's birthday. Norden told me that this way we will never forget our anniversary, as he chuckled. Nicole lives in Mission where they own their own business 'Abstract Glass' which is by the Superstore.

Not only did I find Mike entertaining, professional, well dressed in his costume and very witty, he is also very caring. While we were doing the interview at a local cafe, a small child accidently popped a balloon and he was ready to make a new one. During our photo shoot at the Act Theater (Thank you so much) Mike graciously did show me some tricks. He made me laugh and I took note at the wonderful gift this man has.

If you are interested in booking Norden the Magician for your birthday party, anniversary, fundraiser or school event, you can reach him at 604-916-9879 or visit his website at