Magician runs afoul of bureaucracy

Castlegar News
August 18, 2004
By Dale West

When magician Mike Norden appeared at the Castlegar Library last week, he performed with his magic rabbit Q-Tip but not Rufus the Chicken.

Rufus, it would seem, had become a wanted chicken. Having seen mention of Rufus on Nordenís website, a civil servant with the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency became suspicious when the website was checked again and all reference to Nordenís scrawny sidekick had suddenly disappeared. The civil servant had it in his mind that Norden might be hiding Rufus to save him from the sweeping cull of chickens that claimed millions of birds this spring. At the very least, this steadfast agent of the government suggested Norden might like to think twice before bringing Rufus back into the act.

So Rufus did not perform at the library on Friday, but neither had he died. Not even the CFIA need cull a rubber chicken.