Magician captivates young readers

Lillooet News
August 4, 2004
By Paul Dickinson

Kids in the Lillooet Library’s summer reading program got a taste of magic recently.

In conjunction with the B.C. Library Association’s theme this year, “Books Can Take You Anywhere,” Maple Ridge performer Norden the Magician stopped in at the REC Centre July 28 to put on a magic show for the youngsters. Using various props, Norden displayed his talents and interspersed his routine with information on the importance of reading.

“Remember, take care of your library books and read every day,” he told the 13 children present. “You can grow up to be whatever you want if you read.”

Using magic tricks, Norden switched jam and peanut butter on two different tables, turned a handkerchief into an egg and produced a bouquet of flowers out of thin air.

Mike Norden’s magic tricks have been entertaining children at birthday parties, day care centres, Christmas events and libraries for years. In each presentation, he says, he tries to present some form of message to the children.

“I’ve done self-esteem lessons, I’ve taught kids about bullying,” he notes. “The theme for the summer reading programs is ‘I Love to Read.’ I tell them that everything I’m doing is straight from books. What I say between the tricks, that’s the really important part.

“The summer reading programs are great, I do 40 or 50 library shows this summer,” he adds. “I’m surprised at how big the summer reading programs are, every library seems to have one.”

Norden tours most of B.C. at different intervals during the year.

“A lot of magicians don’t travel very far,” he says. “We’ve got lots of magic shows and stores in the Lower Mainland, but a lot of kids in other areas don’t always get to see these kinds of shows. I like to travel and meet different people, and practise my tricks.”