Silver Show - 30 minutes of fun & magic!

This is the perfect show for the younger kids (age 3-5 years old) or if you are working within a fixed budget. Norden the Magician

It consists of a 30 minute show filled entirely of magic! Lots of humorous tricks and tons of audience participation!

Norden has a great connection with  children and his humour and antics gets  the kids laughing and keeps them involved. His large colourful tricks are captivating and his routine is kid-friendly and clean.

*NEW!* Now offering UNLIMITED kids!

The children are encouraged to participate and Norden uses about five volunteers from the audience. If you like your child can be the STAR of the show!

** Balloon Animal Special! ONLY $50 $30. **

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"Norden kept a large group of 5 yr olds entertained and glued to their seats! (Not an easy thing to do as they generally get restless quite easily) Worth EVERY penny!"
- B. Borrajerio (my very 1st client!)

"Norden was great!Definitely worth the money!"
- A Happy Dad, and now a four time repeat client!