Oh Canada! Our home and magic land...

Let Norden entertain at your event this year! We can provide walk-around entertainment to crowds of thousands, or a stage show to groups large and small. Norden will come dressed in red and will do many tricks with a Canadian theme, eh!

He will produce a few beavers, a dog sled, melt an igloo, dress as a lumberjack and juggle chainsaws and axes - and so much more...oh sorry, that was someone else's act! Well, Norden might not juggle the axes but he will make you laugh!Norden the Magician

We will customize your event so that all your clients and guests have a great time.  We are proud to be Canadian and Norden was born and raised in this country and would love to help you celebrate this nations holiday!

As July is one of the busiest times for Norden, we recommend you reserve your date as early as possible. Last year was the busiest year yet, and Norden had to turn down many clients, as he was completely booked. Don't be disappointed, call 604-916-9879 now!