Norden can answer your prayers!

Well, not THAT way! But he can be the answer to your entertainment needs. Norden offers a Christian based gospel show for your church or religious event.

Norden grew up in the Church and is well versed in, well, the verses! His kids show is a fun and educational way to get across the message.

For Sunday school, catechism, summer picnics. gospel camps or any event - call Norden to help you make your event the one everyone will be talking about. Mike Norden magician

Norden also teams up with a friend - so if you are looking for a larger production for up to 2 hours - then we can still be the answer. That is why we are called the 'Gospel Guys' - where magic is the word!

Please contact Norden for rates and details.

"I cannot say how amazing the show was. No, truly - I cannot say the words as I have taken a vow of silence for 7 years..."
- Monk

"If laughter was  sin then the whole congregation would be in some serious trouble right now! Hire this amazing performer right now!
- Father Murphy