The 'No Bully Zone' School Program

Norden Presents an all-new school assembly program geared for all elementary grades, K-7.

  • Emphasis on Anti-Bullying Techniques
  • Advice on Avoiding Bullies
  • Information About Bullying
  • Lots of audience participation
  • Lots of comedy, music and surprise
  • Suitable for public, parochial or private school setting
  • Easy to arrange - just email or phone 604.916-9879

  • No Bully Zone is a fast, exciting, fun-filled program to help teach kids about bullying. Children will learn how to identify bullies, what to do when they are bullied by others, and how to help their friends who are being bullied. Teachers and staff will also learn many identifiers and techniques to help change, thwart or prevent bullying. Through stories, games, comedy and audience participation, students will become more aware of this "hidden" problem and help learn how to make their school a kinder, safer and more fun place. 

    From this program student will:

  • Be able to identify bullying and recall ways to prevent it.
  • Learn the 5 common characteristics of bullying.
  • Learn that working together builds friendships and prevents bullying.
  • Discover 4 ways to help keep their friends from becoming victims of bullying..
  • See that bullying makes you ³small² and helping others make you a ³bigger² person.
  • Learn an important acronym that can help them remember four things to do to keep from being bullied by others. S-Stand tall & speak bravely. A - Ask for help from friends or teachers. F - Figure out your choices. E - End it calmly by not losing your temper.

    With February 27th being announced as Anti-Bullying day in BC each year - what better way to promote this important date than having Norden come perform his specialized show at your school! As dates are filling fast for February, call now to get yours!

  • Download a copy of the Teacher's Guide for this Program.

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