Going Green - Garbage Busters Recycling Show!

Garbage Busters Recycling Magic ShowAh - The Magic of Recycling!

Have you ever looked at the newspaper in your home and think about how much paper is being used everyday?

What about your Coke or Pepsi cans – have you ever wondered how much metal is needed for all the world’s aluminum cans, which we eventually throw away?

If your answer to these questions is that you have never noticed or thought about any of these matters, maybe it is time to get Norden the Magician and his 'Garbage Busters' to come to your School or function and show you how we can save the planet if we all just recycle!  Did you know:

  • Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV set for 3 hours.
  • Glass can be recycled virtually forever. It never wears out.
  • The amount of steel that's tossed every year is enough to build all the new cars.
  • Paper made from recycled paper uses 70% less energy
  • We use 4 million plastic bottles every hour, but only 25% of them are recycled.

Call Norden at 604-916-9879 to book your School for the his NEWEST assembly show!

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