2010 Close-Up Magician of the year!

 "Walk Around" magic is basically magic close up. This is where the magician performs his tricks up front and personal, right before your eyes. Many tricks that Norden does are talked about all night. This style involves many card, coin, mentalism, and impromptu tricks.

Using the method of "sleight of hand" the magician can literally perform the miracles right under your nose. You will be mystified on how it happens...you would swear it's magic.

Many restaurants and companies request this form of magic for it's intimate and personal nature. The magician can mingle among your guests performing miracles from table to table...oftenMike Norden magician building up your guests curiosity and anticipation for when he will be coming to them.

This type of show is suitable for dinner parties, restaurants, and corporate events where you want the guests entertained while arriving, waiting for dinner, or after an event or show. Please contact Norden for rates and details.

"Wow. That's all I can say. Absolutely amazing. We wish we could see his tricks... but we hear they are great"

"Norden is a great magician! No matter how deep the audience volunteer hides me in the deck, he always finds me!
- The Ace of Diamonds