Silly rabbit...tricks are NOT just for kids! is proud to offer an adult oriented magic show!

What do most people associate a magician with? A child's party, right? Well a magician is not just for kids. We offer many options for adults to have a magician at their birthdays, parties or events.Mike Norden Comedy Magician

You know how fun it is to watch the magician perform for the kids. You are almost more interested in it than the kids are. Why not have a show aimed at your age group? Maybe you have a birthday, office party, sports banquet or better yet a bachelorette party coming up?

We can arrange a party for any of these events and the show is tasteful and clean - we can always add some innuendos if you like! We also offer an alternative to magic with our - check this out!

Trust me, if you want to hurt yourself laughing and have tears rolling down your cheeks then consider this for your next event. Please email me for more specifics.